Anywhere in the world, all segments, all samples.

Seekment is a quantitative survey system applied to online studies, based upon the most advanced technologies of digital research



Social networks are so widespread today that they allow studies to be carried out on segments that were previously reached only with costly traditional research techniques. The online methodology allows for new standards of quality and speed, together with higher levels of penetration.

• Coverage
Any city around the world, in every language
• Segments
Highly defined/customized profiles
• Speed
Immediate start-up. Collection of a large amount of data within a few days of survey.
Quality in the data provided. Audios with the answers are included.
Careful programming of the questionnaires is key to reach the highest possible data quality, including the possibility of recording the voice of the respondent when answering.
Cost efficiency
Our expertise improves the performance of the project and the costs involved

Online Panels

Ad-Hoc Panels

Tailored to the client’s needs with customized features such as awards logistics, communication, promotions, events, social network management.

Panels by City, State, Province or Country.

Integrated by demographic profiles which are specific to the area where the study will be carried out.

Corporate Panels

Integrated by employees, executives, Managing Directors or Chief Executive Officers of corporations.

Text Mining + Natural Language Processing

Would you like to know what people say about your products or services? Seekment analyses the different channels where talk about your business is happening, whether it’s open-ended questions in a customer survey or comments on your networks.

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