We monitor all the stakeholders which are important to your company

We measure the image and quality of service in organizations, entities, governments and companies. We work on market research and corporate reputation since 1984, conducting qualitative and quantitative studies to provide our clients with an assessment of the situation. We combine traditional sampling methodologies and incorporate our knowledge of analytics and online marketing to enrich our research.

We build information that will bring public and corporate management closer to the reality of each environment

Public Opinion

We explore and measure the narratives that structure public opinion to ensure that decisions taken in the long and short term are effective, find out whether they reach the defined audiences or simply measure the unawareness of actions or individuals. We use different methodologies:

Probability and non-probability samples
Telephone surveys – CATI
Panel surveys – CAWI
Focus Groups
In depth interviews

Social Media

To give answers to specific needs that clients have, we map conversations in social media and analyse what happens there.

Social Listening
Social Media Performance
Social Media Surveys
Benchmark: how do leading companies communicate in social media


We evaluate the image and relations strategy that the most influential journalists have with different institutions, companies and governments

Qualitative studies to understand reputational injuries
Analysis of influencer’s demand about format and content

Opinion leaders

By means of our panels we get to know the drivers that activate decisions of business, political, academic and institutional leaders

Trust in media actors
Recalling of news agenda
Company’s image
Agreement with government management
Trust in institutions


We monitor the reputation of different target audiences that companies are interested in: Internal Communicarions; chain; customer; nearby community; local governments.


We analyse the opinion that journalists have about different industry sectors.

Studies of reputation, visibility and performance in offline, online and social media.
Media agenda: presence of political, corporate, social and sports actors in higher-rank spaces.


Since 2004 the public sector, election campaigns and private companies have used our media studies. Examples of the latter are mass consumption companies like telecommunications, energy, banks, mining, automotive, agrochemical, technological, laboratories and the wine business. In addition, our public opinion studies have been employed by leading companies from all sectors of the economic activity, political, social and corporate leaders, business chambers, National, Provincial and Municipal governments.

Since 2007 we analyze the opinion of journalists for the financial, agribusiness, telecommunications and mass consumption sectors.

Since 2008 our studies on the leading segment have been used by mass consumption companies, telecommunications, energy, banks, mining, automotive, the agrochemical industry, airlines and business chambers.

Since 2015 our studies on social media contribute to the development of companies in the energy and telecommunications sector.

The guiding principles of our work each time we start a project are the following


All projects require working as a team together with the client. Any and all document versions like data collection tools, intermediate or final reports, are resolution stages agreed upon jointly. All final versions must have the client’s approval.

Contact with our team

Those involved in the project assist to all meetings together with the Project Manager and with any other collaborator deemed necessary by the client, in order to fully implement the Work Plan.


The client’s team is integrated into all stages of the process. We believe these “extra-methodological” aspects are key to achieve the objectives set for the project.

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