To enrich and add value to our work, it is key to establish alliances with companies with which we share common working styles such as:

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Alliance with Liebre Amotinada Communication

Based on data, we build storytelling focused on reputation and brand purpose.


Liebre’s CEO Mariano Pasik, and CIO’s Director of Research Cecilia Mosto, established this alliance to add value to their clients’ businesses. The project aims at helping companies to create a plan that will direct them towards the place they want to be in.  Convinced that in this context, corporate affairs and marketing can no longer work separately, the proposal is to work together with a uniform approach, focused on companies’ problems. “The time has come to align purpose and reputation and in this sense, we believe that by working together we generate a good synergy to help companies,” says Cecilia Mosto. For his part, Mariano adds: “Our idea is to continue improving the capacity and value of the agency’s services, adding insight that allows us to provide better solutions in times of change”.


During 2020 CIO Research and DATAM sealed a strategic alliance to enhance the strengths of both companies, combining the experience and trajectory of CIO in research and reputational analysis of companies and institutions, and the developments and innovation of DATAM, a growing company specialized in Data Mining, Business Intelligence and Analytics.

Alliance with El Cronista newspaper. C-level Information

Surveys focused on management of Argentine companies


CEO of the year
CIO of the year
Communication Director of the year
CMO of the year
Best IT strategy
Best MBA
CFO of the year

More than 15 years ago, CIO Investigation – in alliance with El Cronista newspaper, and the magazines Apertura and Infotechnology – began to carry out different surveys to population segments linked to the business world. Later on, these surveys became annual trackings to select the most outstanding executives in different areas. CIO Investigation developed specific tools that were replicated on different issues and industries.

The CEO of the Year is chosen since 2013, and for this purpose we inquire amongst journalists specialized in business and economics, peers, academics, consultants, etc. The award is given together with El Cronista newspaper, Apertura magazine and PWC. It distinguishes excellence, extraordinary performance, leadership capacity, innovation and trajectory. We also choose the CFO and the BDO of the year, pinpointed by Directors and CFOs; the CMO and CCO of the year with the Marketing and Communication awards and the CIO of the year together with Infotechnology giving the award to Technology Managers and Directors.

Added to this list are rankings of IT suppliers, Schools of Law and Bs. As. Lawyers. These rankings provide valuable information included in the magazines’ issues and are generally presented jointly with an award ceremony. Leaders Vision instead, is a survey done directly with CEO’s, General Managers and Presidents of the most important companies in Argentina, where conclusions about the year that comes to an end are drawn and expectations and vision about the new challenges ahead are shared. This annual study is developed by CIO exclusively for El Cronista newspaper.

Latin America

Latin America

CIO Investigation groundbreaking value proposal has expanded beyond Argentina’s borders. As of October 18, 2021, CIO Investigation Mexico will operate as our branch in Mexico City. This opportunity nurtures our experience and strengthens our presence throughout the region, reaching key markets in Latin America’s most important centers.